How Much Scarf Could Cost

Published: 15th December 2009
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This is the hot season for scarf shopping. Maybe you met the situation before: the scarf looks normal but the price is more expensive than you thought. When you know the items that set price, you will know if the price tag is in the correct range. The fabric, size, weight, the colour variety, the difficulty of knitting, design, style, demand and supply are the main price-affecting factors.

The genuine wool or silk is expensive because this is mainly for the fabric. Today some common materials used to make scarves are cashmere, silk and polyester. The natural fabrics, such as wool or silk, are usually more expensive than the man-made materials.

The Korean style scarves are relatively expensive because of the design and style. In addition, those Korean style scarves are hot among the young people so the demand is huge and the price is good as well.

Even though conventional scarves possess a design that's more colorful, thicker fabric, and a bigger size, the cost is fairly inexpensive. This is the reason that the production process is relatively simple and mature. One of the example is the pashmina scarves.

An additional cost consideration is the scarf sizes. It is common to find scarves with the same material and design at various prices. The only reason for that is the different size. You should pay attention to the size detail besides the price when you search online to do the compare shopping. You need to find the correct size and then the price to match your budget.

Two scarves can have different prices even though they may have same fabric, hand feel and same size.So in the market, you might experience this while shopping for scarves. If you take it by hand or wrap it around the neck, you could feel that their weight is different. The same fabric with different weight can have much larger price difference. Based on the season change, you could consider the weight factor. Pick the light weight fabric in the summer and thicker one for the winter.

The fashion elements can be another cost factor which stimulates you to buy those beautiful scarves. The brief summary is introduced in the following and there are many factors which have influence on the fashion trend of scarves. Especially for the scarves, the difference every year is the trendy colors. For example, the red color is one of the popular colors this year so do not worry about the splashy color for your scarf. Pick a red scarf so you will not be out of date this year. Also, the black, white, or gray is a right choice. The factors to be considered are the texture, thickness and weight for a perfect scarf. At the same time, show your own style according to your height, stature, and the dress you wear. The other cost factors are from the embellishment of scarves including lace, sequin, beads, and tassels. Of course all those embellishments make you more beautiful and add cost to your scarves.
The winter scarves, like the man scarf, can help you maintain your warmth and good looks at a reasonable cost.

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