How To Choose And Tie A Tie

Published: 18th November 2009
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A man's tie both decorates and enhances the look of his suit. In the formal occasion, you feel losing something if wearing a suit without a tie. Ties come in many varieties in terms of color and material. Your tie should match your shirt and your suits. These days, most suits are in shades of gray, both light and dark, blue, black and brown, so neckties will look best if you choose a warm color such as dark red, purple or a coffee colored brown. The medium light tone color neckties are suitable for dark complexion but not the neckties in dark or too light color. The suit and necktie should usually have a properly layered appearance. Both a light colored suit with a dark necktie and a dark suit with a light color necktie will look good. The size of the collar of garment worn should match well with the width of the necktie. A small collared suit paired with a wide necktie and large pointy collared shirt matched with narrow ties are not appropriate.

Not to be overlooked is the coordination of clothing colors and patterns with neckties. Generally, the principle is no more than three colors. For example, a navy suit can go with a blue shirt and an azure necktie; of course, the tie can have some red or white stripes or other patterns. The necktie fashion rule of thumb is the contrast attraction; therefore, neckties in warm hues are worn with light colored suits and shirts, while ties in cooler blues and grays are marvelous matches for dark suits. Pastel shades of neckties go well with pale gray colored suits whereas bright colored neckties blend well with dark ones.

The tie color you choose should coordinate with the specific occasion. For example, bright colorful neckties are preferred in festival and dinner parties; the dark or black ties should be tied in the solemn occasion. These are specific guidelines to follow when finding a tie to match a suit. There is a British style and an American style associated with striped neckties. The stripe pattern which is from top right to lower left is British Style and the stripe from top left to lower right is American style. Usually, British and French styled suits belong with British neckties and American and Italian styled suits belong with American ties. Since the necktie is an important male specific accessory, the choice of tie can often reflect a person's psychological characteristics. A man who wears a short tie with a large knot is indicating that he is confident in his abilities, while a man with a tiny knot in his tie or one that is too tight indicates that he is not not a confident man. Because of this, neckties should be loosely tied.

There is a certain method to tie neckties. You don't need to turn over your collar to wear a tie with a tip. Button up your shirt first; hang the necktie outside the collar, press the wider end under the collar, pull the other end, and then your tie is caught in the middle of collar. Both ends should be drooping naturally with the wide end upon the narrow one and the appropriate length is that the tie tip is right on the waist line, if your necktie is tied well. If you are wearing a sweater vest, then you should wear your tie inside your vest.
When a man goes for silk necktie in formal wear, neckties can be very noticeable and should be carefully chosen to coordinate well with his outfit.

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