How To Wear Fashionable Scarves Like Celebrities

Published: 24th November 2009
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Women spend more time on the scarves as the weather is getting cold. If you want to look good and stay protected from cold at the same time, then you should use matching scarves. The celebrities, such as Hollywood stars, really care about the scarf decoration so you can learn some experience on how to use scarves from them. The fantastic final look with a scarf is the pursuit for fashion girls.

The neutral style may be more appealing if it is properly decorated. A red scarf is a great accent for a neutral ensemble that can add a touch of female style. A blue scarf can transform you into a naughty boy. If you select a windbreaker, it won't be an incorrect choice to select a scarf that is big. Coupled with a black hat, the printed colorful scarves can give you an artist taste. A skirt in rich violet is quite pleasant while a black scarf lends a bit of maturity.

The vigor rule is another option for scarf match which smartly applies the conflict colors. Yellow and purple, red and green, and blue and oragne are the classic color combination which are considered to clash. Usually, those color matches should be avoided in the clothes. Controlling adjusted proportions will make your dress full of youthful vitality. The combination of purple and yellow, for instance a yellow scarf and a purple sweater, gives you a youthful look. In addition, the long slender scarf is the easiest to match among the traditional scarf styles. You can just casually wrap it around the neck and the clothes in light and dark color are equally impressive.

Three timeless classic fashion colors, red, black, and white, are perfectly combined together in rules of trendy way. Among those three colors, any two can be harmonized with each other. Wrapping a red scarf around your black sweater can definitely help you show off your inner fashionista.

The purity match gives you a sweet and pleasant image from the scarf. You will look adorable in the cute little skirt, with a stylish long matching scarf. Combining a colorful striped legging with a complimentary striped scarf is even more eye-catching and trendy.

The noble match rule is perfect for those quickly approaching holiday parties. Black can denote royalty and mystery. You do not need to wear a necklace if you wear a black dress with a long black scarf. You'll impress people with a unique charm and spend less on jewelry.
There are many different types of scarves available for your to choose from, like sequin scarves and beaded silk scarves.

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