Silk Scarf - Unusual Array of Uses

Published: 27th November 2009
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Make yourself feel even more pretty inside and out with a silk scarf wrapped about you. Silk scarves can be worn many different ways to create new fashion looks and styles. Here are some ideas on how you can use your silk scarves and the great thing is you can expand on these with your imagination and come up with better ways to wear them.

No woman who goes to the beach should be without a bikini. Silk scarves can be an excellent choice for some light protection for the upper body. The large square silk scarves are good for this use. Take two neighboring ends and make a knot at the back of neck. The other knot is tied to the rear of the waist with the remaining ends. You can hide the extra part of the scarf inside by making some adjustments. You will feel like a model on the beach when dressed in the rich designs and soft silk texture. If you are brave enough to show your beautiful back, then you can only wear the large silk scarves.

Silk scarves may be used to tie a butterfly knot on your cap as well. It is possible to apply both large square silk scarves and long silk scarves to this scarf knot. If the broad-brimmed hat is surrounded by the scarf, the silk scarf can bring the sweet and flourishing to the bare hat. When tying a silk scarf to a hat you can let the ends hang down or use a butterfly knot to tie them up. Even a common farmer hat, you can have a completely different look from the silk scarf. The colorful scarves are the common selection but the light plain silk scarf might show you cute and lovely.

The decorative belts and low waist pants gained more attraction among the public now. It is sure that both long silk scarves and sequin silk scarves can spice up your waist line. Furthermore, the silk texture itself has determined its decorative function.

A lot of ladies prefer to switch up the basic appearance of typical items by accessorizing. Making a handbag have a trendy look to it is tying a scarf around the handle of the bag. Some people tie the silk scarf on the handle of a handbag; some even sew a flower scarf knot which can be tied with a long silk scarf or a small square scarf on the canvas bags.

Since 20 years ago, women began to tie their hair with handkerchief. Silk scarves have the better texture and more attractive patterns. Now the accessory has been changed to silk scarves. Besides the horse tail tying, you can also twist the silk scarf with your hair together during hair dressing. This way is not suitable for lively women because it is classical.
silk scarf can have a variety of ways to use them besides the common neck wear, especially small scarves.

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