Top 5 Necktie Quality Ingredients

Published: 16th September 2009
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If you are a fan of neckties or silk ties, possibly you have seen the advertisement such as high quality silk ties from several dollars to over hundred dollars. You will confused by this big price range. How do you know what the high quality neckties mean? Actually, the quality of neckties is determined by many factors. Here top 5 of those are listed for your shopping reference.

Necktie Fabric
Here the fabric refers to the face fabric for neckties. As you know, the main fabrics include silk and polyester. From the cost point view, polyester is much cheaper than silk ties. Silk is a pure natural material and difficult to be out of shape. In the formal events, people usually wear silk ties which show men fashion favor and their elegance.

Tie Lining
The part refers to the back face section at the large end of neckties. There are two materials including silk and polyester. Most neckties take polyester to reduce the tie cost. Some high quality silk ties are also made of silk for that back face section. If both face and back face are made of silk, those silk ties are called dual face silk ties.

Necktie Lining
This lining is different from the previous mentioned tie lining. It refers to the material wrapped inside by the outer necktie fabric. The necktie texture mainly comes from the hand feel of lining. The lining fabrics are mainly polyester and wool. The wool linings can be further sub categorized into 30% wool, 50% wool, 70% wool, or 100% wool. The necktie cost is higher with high wool content. The lining selection can be different with the season change. Usually choose a thicker lining with a cooler season. In addition, the lining can be classified into napped lining and non-napped lining. The napped lining has a thicker texture and higher price. The most high end silk ties can be made of pure 100% silk including lining. For example, the seven-fold silk ties are made of a whole piece of silk fabric and the price for the brand name ties is easily over one hundred.

Silk Tie Fabric Density
This factor is mainly for silk ties which counts the thread density within a certain length. Most fabrics of silk ties are 960 threads and higher density can be 1200 and even more. The higher density means higher quality and more expensive price. The high density silk ties have a solid texture and great perpendicular feel. The high density is a must-have feature for high quality silk ties. The fabric density is also the determined factor for the silk tie price.

Necktie Workmanship
The tie workmanship is another important factor to make a high quality necktie. The most important process is whether the necktie has a perfect cut. The master cut means that the necktie patterns are symmetrical on the both sides. Another focus is to check if the back face connected angle is 90 degree. Another point is to check the silk tie dying quality. A good dying process can make the fabric with a bright color and without color tone difference. The final tie of master piece should have a tidy and cease free surface. The high quality necktie can be identified through those workmanship details.
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